Buyer's Guide




We understand buying a home is not just a financial transaction but an emotional one as well. We are there to help assess based on your budget, wants and needs. We help you prioritize and make sound decisions. Whether you are looking to buy your main home, a vacation house, or an investment property, we can guide you. With our extensive knowledge of the local real estate market, we will advise you on how to maximize your buying dollars. And when you are ready to make that offer we provide all the necessary data points to make an informed decision. We are top notch negotiators and will work on your behalf to get you the best terms possible. 

Once you settle in, you may decide the house needs a kitchen overhaul. Don’t worry, the Bonafedes know ALL the home repair experts to help you get the job done. From contractors, electricians and painters to landscape professionals. 

Take advantage of the Bonafede expertise by reviewing our listings to see if there is a home that is right for you. Contact us, call 408.599.3380 or email: today to learn how we can help with the purchase of your new home. Learn about our in-house mortgage solutions and home insurance products. We are happy to answer your questions.